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Cultural Competency Training

ORCA has worked for years to ensure that when members of our LGBTQ+ community need help with long term care (LTC), assisted living, and other senior living situations, the organizations that provide those services are well-equipped to assist them. To that end ORCA:

  • Educates senior-serving providers in LTC settings on the specific needs of older LGBTQ+ seniors (LGBTQ+ cultural competency training).
  • Consults to improve in-home and facility-based services for older LGBTQ+ adults, as well as the friendliness of low-income senior housing facilities.
  • Collaborates with other public and private sector organizations to support the delivery of high-quality services.
Since 2016 we have delivered 40 LGBTQ+ cultural competency training sessions and have reached 600 individual providers and staff members in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as home care agency staff. We have a volunteer? Senior Trainer who conducts trainings and are planning to increase our training capacity through to? Train-The-Trainer (or Trainer Training) workshops. 
If you know of an organization that would like to participate in one of these trainings, please contact SC@ORCAABQ.org.

For more details, contact the ORCA Steering Committee (SCORCA or SC) at SC@ORCAABQ.org
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