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LGBTQ Support
For almost eight years, ORCA has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association to deliver Support Groups. The Alzheimer’s Association delivers a weekly LGBTQ+ Caregivers Support Group on ZOOM. Typically 10 or more people participate. ORCA now offers a Loss Group (transitioned from a Grief Group in December of 2022).  The objectives of this group are to:
  1. Relieve social isolation and create a stronger LGBTQ+ senior community.
  2. Improve participants’ quality of life through peer support.
  3. Provide information about and make referrals to community services, current topics, and issues of interest to these groups of LGBTQ+ seniors. These referrals will address specific, articulated needs.
  4. Strengthen connections within the ORCA community.
If you, or someone you know would like to participate in one of these support group programs, please contact SC@ORCAABQ.org. All of our support groups are listed on our MeetUp page.

For more details, contact the ORCA Steering Committee (SCORCA or SC) at SC@ORCAABQ.org
write to us at (or send a check to):
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